Baby Driver Review

Edgar Wright is a talented man.

That is an understatement. Edgar Wright is one of the best filmmakers working today. As I said in my Shaun of the Dead review, every project I’ve seen him do, I’ve loved. Did you think the streak was going to end here?

Baby Driver’s main gimmick is that the whole movie is synced up to a soundtrack that our lead character, Baby (played by Ansel Elgort,) listens to throughout the film. Baby drives for Kevin Spacey’s character, Doc, so he can pay him back for something he did as a child. His main objective is to be done working for Doc so he can ensure the safety of his deaf father-figure, Joseph (played by CJ Jones,) and so he can run away with Deborah (played by Lily James.) This story is told effectively, fueled by knockout performances from almost everyone.

Almost. The one person I feel didn’t do that good of a job was Jamie Foxx as Bats. Foxx had the dialogue of an unhinged psychopath, but the mannerisms and demeanor of an actor. Where everyone else fit into their role perfectly, Foxx feels almost awkward with himself. That’s not to say he’s horrible, technically he does a good job, but considering the caliber of acting talent surrounding him, I excpected a little more.

In terms of knocks against the movie, that’s about it. Everything else is perfect. Ansel Elgort pulls off a surprisingly great performance as Baby, Kevin Spacey and Jon Bernthal do well with the small amount of screen time they have, Lily James and Eiza Gonzalez are highlights, but the true stand-out performance goes to Jon Hamm. Wow. Everything Hamm did with his character was outstanding. When he laughed, you laughed. When he cried, you cried. When he shot someone, you feared for your life. He gives the single best performance in this movie, hands-down.

But this movie isn’t great just for its’ performances, no. It also looks incredible, the soundtrack is fantastic, the car stunts blew me away, the way each scene lines up perefectly with each song that’s playing never failed to impress me, it’s written extremely well, and it’s an overall blast to watch. It’s a movie that made me forget my notes and commanded me to watch without distraction. And I happily obliged.


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